Your Most Morbid Thoughts Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Each and every one of us has a dark side – qualities and thoughts we don’t dare reveal to others. Everyone is creepy in their own way, but did you know that our inner creeps and weird thoughts are actually linked up with our zodiac signs. Looking at your sun sign could help you figure out what are the dark thoughts you can’t stop from running through your brain and give you something to blame your strange behavior on. Here are your morbid thoughts based on your zodiac sign!


Even though you’re very energetic and you love life, in your creepiest moments, you’re always thinking about death. In fact, you’re obsessed with death although you’re not willing to admit that. You want to know everything about your death – when it will happen, how it will happen, and where it will happen. You’re constantly wondering what would happen if you took your own life right now or if someone else did. You’re pretty much fixated on death which is very creepy, even though you have no real suicidal tendencies or desires.


Taurus is a sign that prefers the comfort of their own home, which is just perfect for indulging their weirdest habit: stalking. You’re a quiet stalker and you could spend your whole day stalking people on Facebook and Instagram. If your ex-partner or your crush is in a picture with someone attractive, you’ll find that person’s page immediately and you will look through all of their stuff.


You have a reputation for being two-faced, but the creepiest thing about you, Gemini is that you’re a very good liar. You can come up with unique and impossible stories and you have the ability to force other people to believe them. Sometimes, you lie for no reason because you think lying is fun. For example, you’ll lie about your plans just to sound more interesting to people, or you’ll lie about what you think of someone in order to protect yourself.


You’re one of the most sentimental signs of the zodiac and you take your emotions pretty seriously. Because of that, you can easily get obsessive, especially when you’re dating someone. When you’re in a relationship with someone, they become your everything and just the thought of losing them makes you act irrationally. You can love hard, but you hate even harder. If your partner betrays your trust by cheating on you, you will stop at nothing to get your revenge and make them feel the same pain you do.


As a Leo, you crave attention more than you should. You like being in the spotlight, so you often find yourself imagining your own funeral. You fantasize about every little morbid detail: who would show up first, who would cry the loudest, who will be the saddest among them, or who will give the most moving speech. You like the idea of planning your own funeral because it lets you indulge your love of luxury and drama, and fulfills your heart’s desire to be the center of attention. It’s a creepy fantasy that makes you feel significant.


You’re one of the most practical signs of the zodiac and you’re literally obsessed with neatness and order. You’re an innocent, sweet angel during the day, but when it’s the night time, you often find yourself imagining bizarre scenarios. You always fantasize about sex and you get turned on by some things you wished you weren’t turned on by. You’re ashamed of your strange sexual fantasies and you’re always trying to push these naughty thoughts away..


As a Libra, you’re considered to be a peaceful, balanced, and fair person, with a great sense of justice. However, you’re one of those people with a messed up internet history. You often find yourself searching the strangest and creepiest articles on your laptop or watching some pretty disturbing videos on YouTube. You’re fascinated by what goes in the minds of the most notorious serial killers in history and you feel a sick interest in reading all the details of some of the most horrifying crimes. You could easily be mistaken for a criminal if your internet history is ever brought out into the open.


You’re the most mysterious zodiac sign and you just can’t help creepy thoughts from popping into your head from nowhere. You always picture yourself as a destroyer. For example, when you’re holding a small animal, you always think of how easily you could crush it or strangle it to death. Of course, you would never actually do these terrible things, but you think about them most of the time.


You’re the least sentimental sign of the zodiac. You’re very independent and you hate to be tied down, which means that it’s harder for you to develop meaningful relationships. Sometimes, you just don’t feel emotions the way you’re supposed to, and in some situations, you only feel numb and there’s nothing you can do about it. Emotions make you uncomfortable and you’re always trying to ignore them and focus on the fun part of life, which makes you seem cold.


You’re one of the creepiest people of the zodiac. You’re constantly planning the deaths of your loved ones and this doesn’t mean that you actually want them to die. This is kind of a mental exercise for you – just to figure out how you would get away with each of their murders. You like the idea of escaping unpunished because this proves how smart you really are.


You’re a deep thinker and you enjoy helping others, even though you find it difficult to express your own emotions. However, you often think about the funerals of your friends of family members and what you would say at their funerals. There’s something appealing to you about showing off your creativity in giving a memorable eulogy or a speech at a loved one’s funeral. These thoughts might be disturbing and weird for others, but you look at them as a way of helping people in the first stages of grief.


You’re very compassionate and generous sign, even though you’re really afraid of being hurt in life. You’re a dreamer and in your deepest fantasies and dreams, you always picture yourself as a hero. You often imagine yourself in violent and disturbing scenarios that test your dedication to others and you always end up as the hero who saves the day.

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