You Can Now Get An Associate Degree to be a Social Media Influencer


Do I actually need a degree for this, though?

“Social Media Influencer” has become a common job title and the social media job market is booming. Breaking into the world of social media is easy, but there’s no real directions on how to become an influencer. We live in a generation of people who crave being something “more,” and social media has given people a platform to do so, but there is no formal education on how to become an influencer. At least not before now.

Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College in China in now offering a “modeling and etiquette” class. The class is geared toward Instagram and teaches students everything you need to one day become insta famous: Good selfie lighting, Knowing your angles, styling, photo and video editing skills, catwalk classes (idk how this helps your insta game but if you do please lmk), merchandise display, networking and more. After taking the course for three years, students receive an associate degree.

While I haven’t yet figured out why people would need an associate degree to make it big on instagram, I do think some of these lessons can be important (someone please help me find my good angles). Top social media influencers in China earn as much as $46 million a year though, so I see the draw to this sort of degree.

What do you guys think? Would you go to school to become an influencer? Let us know in the comments


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