What is your Psychological Age According to your Zodiac Sign?


Have you ever had the feeling that someone you know is a lot older or younger than the age you’d peg them at? It happens every so often because when it comes to age, people tend to take the position that you should act as old as you look. So if you’re a teenager, act like one, but if you appear to be an adult who acts like a teenager, everyone will think something is wrong with you!

This type of physical-based judgment works fine for examining a person’s approximate age in their current life. However, it does not work at all when trying to determine how old a person’s psychological age is.

Our psychological age is part of the reason why some of us are seen as old souls or young at heart. If you haven’t yet asked yourself ‘what exactly does my psychological age mean’ by this point, you probably are now! Without having to get too deep into the psychology surrounding the concept, it’s how old you feel rather than your actual chronological age. However, such a simple explanation is misleading because it makes the question seem like it’s an easy and simple one to answer, which it’s not.

When it comes down to it, how old we truly feel is something that exists on a deeper level, one that consists of complex interactions between our character traits, unconscious, and all of the experiences we’ve had over our lifetimes. Because of this, it’s only with the ancient, all-encompassing wisdom of the zodiac that we can even try to begin to examine our psychological age.

Our zodiac signs reveal many interesting things about who we are and this quiz uses them to analyze and determine what your psychological age is. Try it out and see if the estimate measures up to reality. Don’t forget to share with friends and family because it’s always fun to compare results and talk about, enjoy!

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