Ways You’re Not Good At Being An Adult Based On Your Zodiac


When was the last time you looked at your horoscope? Be honest! We know for a fact that a lot of people don’t check out their horoscope because, well, they just don’t care. Or they don’t believe in astrology at all. Either way, tons of people don’t pay attention to what their daily horoscope says. We’re here to tell you that a lot of your personality traits are tied up with astrology, so it’s time to take it seriously! Got that? We’re going to keep this conversation as calm and peaceful as possible. Let’s dissect what our zodiac signs say about how we deal with adulthood. Adulting is definitely hard to do — and most of the time, it’s the total opposite of easy — so don’t worry if you think that you’re doing a horrible job. Chances are, we’re all doing a bad job! Our horoscopes are here to guide us so we can better ourselves. Here are the ways that you suck at adulting, all based on your zodiac sign!

12. Aries: You’re Arrogant And Impulsive

Aries are generally nice people. They’re friendly and they’re the kind of people that are easy to chat with. Because they always start the conversation and they know how to make you comfortable, even if you’re strangers, you will have a nice talk. They’re also lively and passionate about a lot of things, especially about life in general. Yes people, you read that right! If there’s one zodiac sign who is super passionate about living, that would be Aries. It just sucks that they also tend to be too arrogant. So if you’re an Aries sign, then, unfortunately, you can be super arrogant! You can also be confrontational. You should know when you should confront someone and when you should take it easy. Some people have issues with you, Aries reader, and it’s time to grow up and learn how to be a real adult.

11. Taurus: You’re Rude

Taurus people are rude. Okay, that didn’t sound so right, but we don’t know how else we can say it! If you’re a Taurus sign, you are generous and independent and we love those things about you. It’s not every day that you meet someone who is so independent she will unknowingly train you how to become independent as well. And we also love that you’re generous and down to earth, not to mention super dependable. Sounds great! Unfortunately, you have some negative traits, and one of those is that you are incredibly rude sometimes. Sorry to say but it’s true! Taurus people are also known to be careless when it comes to other people’s emotions. When you want to talk about being inclusive and being valid, don’t talk to your Taurus friend. She won’t understand. These people also tend to be too materialistic, which is just plain unhealthy especially when you’re already a grown-up.

10. Gemini: You Suck At Decision Making

We want to give a shoutout to our Gemini readers for being witty and enthusiastic. We love that about you! In fact, we love almost everything about you! If you’re a Gemini, that means that you can be conflicted when you have a lot of ideas. You are witty and smart and can hang out with anyone and not cause any trouble. But unfortunately, you have the tendency to lose focus and that’s definitely unhealthy when you’re adulting. You focus on so many things at once (and so many of those things are unimportant) and you end up being confused about everything. You also suck at decision making. You always need someone to decide things for you so you can have someone to blame in case you made the wrong choice. That is a pretty toxic attitude to have. If you’re a Gemini and you know that you’re not good at decision making, we suggest that you fix this.

9. Cancer: You’re Moody And Suspicious

Cancer people are so creative. In fact, they’re one of the most creative zodiac signs and we’re always in awe of their work. Cancers also tend to be faithful, which is great especially if they’re in the stage where they want to take relationships seriously. And aside from being faithful, they’re also loving and protective and emotional. They’re quite sensitive about their emotions and the emotions of others. So what’s so bad about this sign? Well, probably the fact that they’re so moody you wouldn’t understand what they could possibly feel moody about! If this is you, it’s like you were born to be moody and you’ve spent years practicing feeling this way. Besides your bad moods, you can also be pretty suspicious. This is probably since you are so loving and caring. You end up suspecting others a lot. You also get scared of taking smart risks.

8. Leo: You Have A Giant Ego

And then we have Leo, the king of kindness. Seriously, Leos are so kind and helpful even to strangers. No wonder there are many Leo people who end up being some sort of philanthropist. They’re also optimistic people, which we can really use because it seems that most people today are totally negative when it comes to anything at all. We also love the fact that they’re energetic (yes, 24/7) and they are good, loyal friends. What we don’t really like about Leo is the fact that they’re arrogant! As in, they feel like they’re the only person in the world with money or houses or jobs. Yeah right! Whatever! Leos also tend to be dominating. This attitude makes it difficult for them to be effective leaders and bosses because they do it all wrong. They become too dominant that they treat others wrongfully, almost all the time. Yeah, that’s definitely a problem, so if you’re a Leo, your giant ego will get in the way of your successful adulting.

7. Virgo: You’re Judgmental

Virgos are watchful people. They pay close attention to detail and they want to make sure that everything is okay. This kind of attitude is perfect for parenting. Parents, after all, need to watch their kids carefully, and Virgos are great at controlling things so they don’t scare their kids. They’re also very practical and trustworthy. This is probably why a lot of people see Virgo as reliable. The problem with you, if this is your zodiac sign, is that you have the tendency to be super judgmental. As in, they judge the people who are not as watchful and as practical as they are. They think if you’re not trustworthy, you suck. Virgos also tend to be perfectionists. They may be good at controlling their watchful eye but when it comes to everything else, they want it all to be perfect. Now this is an attitude they really need to fix.

6. Libra: You’re Lazy And A Perfectionist

We’re in awe of how romantic and charming Libras are. They know how to make their auras and their charm work to their advantage. If you’re a Libra, you’re not so charming that it becomes a bad thing, though. You have manners. However, Libras also have the tendency to be lazy. Or they are literally born lazy. They’re the Kings and Queens of laziness and procrastination. Which is a no-no when it comes to adulthood. We’re not saying they are terrible adults but they’re not really that good. If this is you, you’re also a perfectionist, and that sucks since you expect perfection from other people as well, Libras, that’s not how it works. If you want a perfect dinner, you either have to get up and go to a restaurant that serves a perfect dinner or you have to do the cooking. You can’t expect others to keep doing things for you.

5. Scorpio: You’re Secretive And Manipulative

For Scorpios, focus is everything. If you’re a Scorpio, you know what the most important thing in life is and you pour all of your energy into that one thing. That’s great when you think about it since being a grown-up definitely means focusing. Not all people can do this, of course, and you’ve probably known more than a few people who seemed to have absolutely no work ethic or focus at all. You also listen to your intuition on a regular basis. You know what balance is as well and how important it is to adulthood. The problem is that you tend to be secretive. You are so freaking secretive! Even about the smallest things ever! If you think that you can’t trust someone, you just won’t, and you might also be kind of manipulative. These are the two things that make you kind of the worst adult ever, so you definitely want to keep an eye on these things.

4. Sagittarius: You’re Careless

For Sagittarius people, the most important thing in life is intelligence. We’re not saying they’re arrogant. They just love to learn and learn and learn some more. And they don’t limit themselves to learning in classrooms. They allow themselves to learn about life through experience and they encourage others to do the same. This sign is also the epitome of generosity and straightforwardness. They want you to be brutally honest about things. But sadly, they’re not too honest themselves. They expect others to be honest but then, they have problems being honest. Sagittarius also have the tendency to be impatient and careless. They think a little effort will do when they should put much more work in. Well dear reader, usually, you need to put in a lot of effort and pay attention to the progress until you achieve. So if this is you, you have to keep these things in mind if you want to be a good adult.

3. Capricorn: You’re Shy, Stubborn, And Pessimistic

Capricorns are wise and well-disciplined people. They know what they want and they know they have to spend ample time planning how to achieve it. They’re not the kind of people who will just act without thinking first. They understand that if an opportunity is really for them, it will still be there when they’re actually ready. And generally, this is a great attitude to have. This sign is also all about balance. They are cautious about a lot of things which makes them great at making decisions and taking calculated risks. But unfortunately, Capricorns are shy people. Well, this is not really a negative thing but if you’re too shy, it’s not that great when you’re living in the adult world. You should figure out how to be a bit more confident and sure of yourself. You also have the tendency to be pessimistic. You also are pretty stubborn and really try not to follow rules, and again, that can be problematic in the adult world.

2. Aquarius: You’re Unpredictable

Aquarius are humanitarians. It’s like they were born to make this world a better place and they don’t have a problem with that. When you’re taking adulthood seriously, or at least when you’re on your journey toward adulthood, this trait is going to take you to cool and big places. You are a creative, intelligent person so finding ways to make this world a better place is definitely fun. If you’re an Aquarius, you tend to be an introvert, but once you come out of your shell, you are friendly and loyal. The bad news? You are incredibly unpredictable. One day, you want to do something in Thailand and the next, you want to join a program that is all the way in Alaska. That is how unpredictable you can be. And you expect people to understand like it’s totally normal. Well, Aquarius people, it’s not normal. And it’s also not normal to become distant out of the blue, which is another less than amazing trait that you have.

1. Pisces: You Love To Run Away

Another zodiac sign that’s all about creativity and intellect is Pisces. Like Aquarius, this sign is all about kindness and compassion and selflessness. These are all great things when you want to be a good adult. Also, they tend to be sensitive people, which is an awesome quality to have when you reach adulthood. But if you’re a Pisces, that means that you have a long list of negative traits. Topping this list? The fact that you tend to run away when there’s a problem or something upsets you. When a plan didn’t work, you won’t stick around to find a solution. You will run. Pisces are over-sensitive sometimes so it seems like these things are connected. You also tend to be lazy but only if it’s about something that just doesn’t matter to you. So keep this in mind. If you really want to adult properly (and you probably do), then watch your tendency to run away. Yes, adulting is hard, but it can be done!

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