MMA Fighter Sees Old Man On The Side Of The Road, His Quick Thinking Saves His Life


He noticed the old man doubling over on the side of the road.

Have you ever gotten a piece of food stuck in your throat or swallowed your drink “down the wrong pipe”? You are chowing down on a good piece of fried chicken when your friend suddenly cracks a joke. But it’s hard to laugh and swallow food at the same time. A piece of the chicken slipped down your throat and got stuck. You couldn’t talk, you couldn’t breathe—you couldn’t make any sound at all. This old man was fortunate that somebody was around to save him.

Pavel Fesyuk, a mixed martial arts fighter and former contestant American Ninja Warrior, gained praises online after he saved an old man’s life. As he was driving one day, he noticed an old man doubled up by his car on the side of the road. When Pavel approached him, the man signalled for help. Apparently, the elderly man was choking, and couldn’t say anything. Pavel immediately understood that the man was choking, and performed the Heimlich Maneuver.

After two pumps, the man could breathe again. Most amazingly of all, the entire moment was captured on Pavel’s dashboard cam. ABC News shared his heroic deed to their Facebook page, and it quickly gained attention from all over the country.

People praised Pavel for his good deed and quick thinking. “This world needs more people like this!! God Bless Him!!” one woman wrote, while another said: “God Bless that Good Samaritan. I am proud of him, right there and then, there was no black or white, just being a good person.”


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