Girl Compared 11 Dressing Room Mirrors To Reveal How They Can Trick You Into a Purchase


If you’ve gone clothes shopping, you’re probably all too aware that the mirrors in store dressing rooms don’t always give an honest reflection of what you’ll look like out on the street.

Many people decry the idea of “deceptive” mirrors that may bend or shape your reflection, making you look skinnier or taller in the hopes that you’ll be motivated to buy whatever it is you’re trying on.

Lighting and even those little platforms you stand on can all change your perception, so one girl, Inna, took selfies in front of various stores’ dressing room mirrors in the same outfit to show you just how big these changes can be.

Hopefully, it will inspire you to get a “second opinion” if you’re suspect that a mirror might not be showing you the truth.

Here she is at H&M’s mirrors.

As you can see, it’s not just her body that looks different. It’s her face as well!

Promod’s Mirrors

Reserved’s Mirrors

Maybe the mirrors are distorted, and maybe they’re not, but it’s hard to argue that the lighting doesn’t significantly change the way curves look in a dressing room.



These were all taken the same day as well, so it’s doubtful that her body (or face) changed too much over the course of her tour.






New Yorker

You might not have some of these stores where you shop, but the lesson’s the same — circumstances matter. So you might want to try more than one mirror in a shop before making that purchase.

By Mandy Kennedy | 22Words


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