Do Not Miss These 20 Things To Do Before You Touch 35!


Growing up is never welcomed and till the time you reach your mid-thirties, you need to be focussed and tough with your decisions to lead a happy and healthy and wealthy life with your family keeping your stress levels low and efficiency high. Here are the things to do to live in peace and enjoy to the fullest.

1. Be sure of your career

It’s high time to know where your interest lies and where you are happy working. Don’t be abysmal in your job.

2. Utilize your flair

Don’t let your experience go in vain. Make everything you went through; lost promotion or transfer or misbehavior of your boss turn into your strengths.

3. Have alternatives ALWAYS!

Nothing stays forever. Have an alternative job plan, or startup idea always ready. Don’t be enveloped by a single option.

4. Know yourself and your flaws

It’s incredible to keep your constructive side lead you forward but be thorough with your flaws and work on getting rid of them.

5. Don’t be pessimist

Be amenable. Take feedback from others and work on that while thinking positively.

6. Be a leader

No matter a small project or big, head a project or any deal. That will make you learn a lot about life, people and will help you acquire higher post in future.

7. Have a proper schedule

Being spontaneous is good but while in corporate life, prioritize your task and maintain a proper schedule to keep personal and professional life healthy.

8. Don’t restrain yourself

Do things outside of your comfort zone. It will help you flourish and will boost up your confidence.

9. Failures should not block your path

Mistakes and failures are an inevitable truth of life and everybody has faced them. Don’t let it dull your spirit.

10. Be technology friendly

Live with time. Restraining yourself from technology will not do any good to you. Adapt to new software and technology.

11. Value yourself

You’re precious and don’t forget it. Even if it’s a bad day, treat yourself well and love yourself.

12. Be audacious

If you’re not satisfied and bummed out with your job or if you think there are better opportunities, quit your job and go for another one.

13. If it’s your work, you do it

If you have to go on a holiday, do not expect any colleague to finish off with your work as well despite them being your close friends.

14. Deal with pressure

By this time, you’ve gone through a number of pressure tests. From now on, don’t succumb to pressure and panic.

15. Explore!

Gain experience in areas other than the one where you’ve been working. Talk to people and boost your knowledge from different sources.

16. Maintain your portfolio

You’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience and you should know the importance of portfolio too! Keep it updated always.

17. Look at distant future

If you think your job is leading you nowhere, then there’s no point wasting your time with a dead end job.

18. Negotiate

If you don’t negotiate in your job, your personal life will be overtaken by your professional life.

19. Maintain balance

Lead a balanced life, giving enough time to your health, family, and work. Don’t be inclined towards just work.

20. Save

It’s high time for you to start saving and planning. Have a vision, go with it.

This list of things to do while you are still young will create happy memories for you when you’ll turn old.


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