Dad Expertly Trolls Daughter When She Loses iPhone Privileges


This dad is a GENIUS.

Dads are always here to make us laugh. They snorkel nap, they take videos stacking food on their babies and they expertly troll their kids when they’re in trouble. One dad from California, Jonathan Olanolan, did just that when he confiscated his 15-year-old daughter Alyvea’s phone as punishment three weeks ago.

While his daughter, the oldest of two, was hanging out with her friend he slid this note under the door:

Obviously, this made everyone, including Alyvea laugh:

One Twitter user brought up a good point:

Alyvea’s friend, Bailee Helton who took the picture of the paper phone and tweeted it out told BuzzfeedNews that her friend tried to get her phone back after the Tweet went viral, but her dad didn’t budge.

Well played, Mr. Olanolan, well played. Have any of your dads expertly trolled you while you were in trouble? Let us know in the comments



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