5 Behaviors That Will Definitely Take Your Relationship Downhill


Over time they say, partners grow less passionate with each other in the relationship. It might fade out or you may be doing some things that maybe killing the passion in your relationship. Let’s talk about what those habits are and how you can keep them at bay to restore the passion in your relationship –

1. Criticizing your partner

Positive criticism is welcome but constant negative ones tend to increase the distance. We’re all humans and we come with our own faults. Pay less attention to your partner’s shortcomings rather than putting them in the spotlight. Focus on their positive attributes and encourage them to achieve more using their good qualities.

2. Declining your partner’s approaches too often

It could be due to a bad day or one of you is not in a mood, the one who declines stays in power. But declining way too often can prove to be problematic in the future. Not just sexual advances, your partner will withdraw emotional approaches as well because they would feel you’re shutting them out.

3. Dishonesty

The most successful relationships come out of being completely open and vulnerable with your partner. People need to feel comfortable, loved, cared for, safe and secure with their significant other and only then will they be entirely vulnerable. If an individual who is worried about flirty texts in her partner’s phone isn’t going to feel emotionally connected to her partner.

4. Letting other things interfere

It often happens that a couple lets other things matter more in their relationship like work, children, household chores etc. You will have to make time for your partner in your busy day and get creative in order to keep the passion alive. Make it a point to spend quality time with your partner so that you are involved with them passionately.

5. Being lethargic

It’s obvious that you will be tired at the end of the day but if you’re always too exhausted to be intimate with your partner, the passion is likely to be killed. Set aside weekends for romantic dates and spice up your sex life with a few techniques.

Preserving the passion in a relationship isn’t a tough job. Be kind and considerate towards your partner and don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit when it seems to fade out. Always keep it interesting and make sure you and your partner are always into each other no matter what happens. Go for it and you’ll see yourself coming closer again.


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