15 Juiciest Whisper Confessions From Nannies


Nannies get a bad rap all the time. Thanks to the Hollywood set (and maybe our own worries), we’ve been privy to learning about how nannies were the downfall of so many major relationships and supposed power couples, including Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, and Jude Law and Sienna Miller, just to name a few. Partially due to them – and partially due to the collective idea that nannies are femme fatales and homewreckers in disguise – we’ve learned that nannies can’t be trusted, especially if they’re young and pretty.

This might seem unfair, but then we looked to Whisper to get some of the good stuff on what really goes on when nannies are on the job – and, boy, did we see why that idea has some merit! From secretly hating the kids they’re in charge of to getting it on with the parents of the families they look after, nannies have a lot of confessions to unload, which is why we chose 15 of the juiciest to show here! You might think twice about hiring that cute girl to look after your home while you’re away after reading these!

15. “The little boy I nanny for loves to play dress-up, paint his nails, and wear makeup. I let him express himself, and his mom agrees. His dad thinks I’m making him gay…”

Hooray for all the nannies and secondary caregivers who encourage children to be themselves and not take life too seriously! Seriously, these people deserve a round of applause for not flying into hysterics when it comes to kids experimenting with new looks and fun hobbies. (To be fair, the mom in this confession also seems to be fully supportive of her son’s interest in playing dress up, so props there as well.)

Perhaps this nanny should school the dad of the little boy in her charge on what exactly qualifies as “gay”. Hint: it is not painting nails or playing with makeup. It is liking men. We consider this confession to be a juicy one because of the insight it gives into a dysfunctional family (trust us, there will be a lot more of those!), and not the context of the secret itself. But don’t worry – we’re just getting things warmed up!

14. “I’m a nanny and these parents are teaching me how not to raise my future children.”

Some people may point to their parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, or grandparents as how NOT to raise their future children, but for nannies, it seems like the kids in their charge and the families that raise them set a perfect example of everything you shouldn’t be doing when it comes to childrearing. (In fact, there were so many Whisper confessions in this vein, we had to pick only one to represent them all and leave some room for other, juicier confessions.)

All families are dysfunctional in different ways, but nannies are given an up-close-and-personal view of the inner workings of family dynamics that is unparalleled. Maybe this Whisper confessor is talking about the parental behaviour happening around the kid, or about how the kid she’s in charge of is just awful as a result – or both – but to have your job affect your future plans in your personal life is not something we envy!

13. “I’m a nanny. The parents fight all the time. I’m glad she has me so there’s some stability.”

This confession reads like a bit of a partner to the one before it, but this one has a bit of a silver lining, even if it is kind of sad: despite the in-fighting happening between the parents, at least the child has the love of her nanny to provide some kind of stability.

While we think of nannies as being reserved for the exceedingly wealthy or those with high-profile jobs (think celebrities), nannying is also super common among those who simply have jobs that take them away from home or cause them to work weird hours. If they have the funds to afford an extra hand, good on them! However, living essentially separate lives as a couple can create a fissure in the family unit, which is when nannies (like this one) come into play as caregiver, babysitter, cook, nurse, maid, chauffeur – you name it! – and fill the voids to make more of a family.

12. “I’m 19 and a nanny. I’m either getting asked out by single dads or 10-year-olds. There is no in-between.”

This is a rare cute Whisper confession that doesn’t turn the position of nanny into a fetish (don’t worry, we have some of those further on down this list). This user gets propositioned by single dads, which is totally fine, unless they’re super creepy considering she’s still a teenager, and little kids, which is beyond adorable. What little boy didn’t have some kind of crush on their babysitter or older next-door-neighbour when they were growing up? (And, on the other hand, what young woman hasn’t been a little weak in the knees over some salt-and-pepper hair and a good temperament with children?)

While we totally understand that these aren’t the kind of prospects a young nanny might be looking for, it’s nice to see that, so far, she’s managed to steer clear of the weirdos and the kinds of jerky husbands who are willing to put their marriage and family on the line to enjoy a romp in the hay with the new nanny. Cliché, much?

11. “I hate my nanny job so much but don’t want to leave the kids because I’m afraid their parents are going to screw them up.”

Look, being a nanny can be a drag. When you’re a parent and your kid gets sick or throws a fit or is an unholy terror, you can brush it off (more or less) by reminding yourself of how much you love those little buggers. If, however, you’re being paid to look after some kids, the little, more disgusting and annoying parts that make up childrearing can start to grate on you, which is probably why this Whisper user hates her job so much.

Like a previous confession (and like many more after this), the family this writer works for is dysfunctional. Dysfunction can take on a lot of forms, but maybe these parents are just bad at parenting! With that being said, however, everyone worries about screwing up their kids, and people screw up all the time. If this nanny hates her job but loves the kids, maybe keeping in touch after she quits is all she needs to do to continue to be the calm in the eye of the storm.

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