15 Embarrassing Stories Of People Caught Lying On Social Media


Don’t lie! We all like seeing other people fail. Especially on social media, where we are judged more harshly and more often than anywhere else in the world or history combined. So, when you say something stupid or lie, you will most definitely answer for it. We see lies every day on social media, but we as humans tend to ignore them. If they are by that ex or that girl you don’t like, you just text a friend with a “Oh my gosh! Did you see what they said? What a liar!” then move on. Sometimes you can say something and then quickly delete it. If the wrong person doesn’t see it, you’re home free. But if you happen upon a screenshotter, you’re history and the laughing stock of the news feed for years to come.

You see, sometimes, dumb things are ignored, but other times people just can’t hold back. They call people out in front of hundreds, or thousands, of people. And we must say, it’s hilarious. Considering it’s lying, they usually deserve it too. If you don’t want to look like an idiot, then don’t lie and don’t try to sound smart. Problem solved. Social media is pretty much the worst place in the world, but it is good for one thing: seeing some of the funniest things you’ve ever seen in your entire lifetime. So just enjoy these fifteen times people were caught lying on social media and be glad they aren’t you. But I’m warning you, you will sympathize.

15. He’s Not Even “Joking” About His Art

This is pretty sick – the art and the fact that he stole it! Some dude named Liam actually posted a beautiful piece of Joker art on Facebook and pretended he drew it. He added the caption “The Joker in copic markers” though the real artist used Prisma color markers. The faker actually found the image on DeviantArt but luckily the real artist found him and really dug into him.

This is a real thing on the Internet that artists face every day and it needs to be stopped. But for now, we can just screen capture these posts before they get deleted so we can all share a laugh at the instant karma. Don’t steal other people’s work! If you do, you deserve everything that’s coming to you. If you like the art, share it as theirs, they would love the support!

14. No Need To Be Ashamed About Getting Fired

Sometimes, you feel so ashamed of what you did that you make an enormous, immaculate lie to cover it up. Oh. You don’t do that? Well, this guy did! He made a cover story that stated he was telling the truth so that his boss’ cover story wouldn’t fly, pretending that he had played the hero and saved some poor damsel in distress.

Luckily, a co-worker saw his post and let the truth out. This guy was a less than model employee who was always late and never did his job. He was actually a pretty awful employee and no one liked him, not even the girl who he had “saved.” Pro tip: if you want to post a rant of lies, make sure no one who knows the truth is your friend.

13. We Have A Real-Life Hulk Here

This lie is less harmful but it really makes you look like a loser. Sorry dude who is probably a really nice guy. You work out and want everyone to know? Cool! You don’t need to lie about how strong you are. If it’s a joke, it’s a funny one and I applaud. If it is real lie, then you really need to calm down and stop exaggerating.

To imagine someone accidentally breaking a lightbulb with their hand is pretty humorous. To imagine someone trying to convince people they actually did, is hilarious. It gets worse when he starts bragging about everything else he accidentally breaks as if he’s greatly burdened by his uncontrollable strength. He has no doubt also posted Photoshopped pictures of his abs as well. It would only make sense.

12. Is That Peggy Carter?

Exactly what is the point in trying to convince people that your grandma is a beautiful war vet? What do you gain by that? Is there some sort of glory for being associated with someone like that? This dude thought there was something to gain as he posted a very obvious picture of Haley Atwell in Captain America. He could have found a photo that no one would recognized, but instead he picked a photo that thousands and thousands of people would recognize, a face that literally millions of people knew.

He didn’t put much thought into it. But I do wonder if his grandmother did serve in the war and if so, was she beautiful and courageous? Social media ruins your belief, expectations, and standards when it comes to other people.

11. When Generosity Is All For Show

Not everyone can afford to give big tips, but there’s no reason to lie about it. Hopefully, they just made a mistake and wrote the tip amount on the wrong ticket. The thought that they used the holidays as a way to make Facebook think they are generous is just wrong. Tip or don’t. Want to share so someone will pay it forward? Awesome! At least someone caught this person and corrected their mistake. I’m sure after seeing the comment the tipper ran to the restaurant and told them their mistake and offered more than that $100 they told Facebook they were giving.

Let this be a lesson to all of you! If you’re going to lie, do it well and make sure none of your friends are very observant.

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