13 Things You Never Knew You Could Do At Disneyland


Disneyland is the most famous theme park in the world but there is more to this adventure park than you realize.

1. Pilot the Mark Twain Riverboat

If you ask one of the Disney cast members if you can visit the wheelhouse they will lead you to a secret ladder on the second floor and introduce you to the captain. You will also get the opportunity to steer the riverboat, blow the whistle and ring the famous Mark Twain bell.

You will also get a certificate to say you piloted the Mark twain Riverboat.

2. You Can Eat The Plants In Tomorrowland

Walt Disney wanted to create an area of his park that would act as a food farm so fruits and herbs were planted in Tomorrowland for visitors to consume.

3. Pull The Rope On The Indiana Jones Adventure Ride

While waiting to ride the Indiana Jones Adventure you’ll see a sign reading, “Caution. Do Not Pull Rope! Handling Fragile Artifacts.” Do it!!! The more times you pull it the more different responses you will hear.

There is also a bamboo pole with a similar sign that reads, “Danger! Do Not Touch Pole.” Same thing, touch it and you’ll hear loud crashes.

4. Choose The Fastest And Slowest Tea Cups

The Mad Tea Party ride in Fantasyland has 18 teacups which all spin at different speeds. If you want a fast spinner jump in the orange teacup with diamonds or purple one. If speed is not your cup of tea then chill out in the two teacups with hearts for a slower ride.

5. Get A Death Certificate At The Haunted Mansion

As you enter the Haunted Mansion, if you ask one of the cast members for a Death certificate they will have it ready for you at the end of the ride. But they don’t give them out to just anyone, you have to be very convincing to the Disney cast member.

6. Take A Tour Of The Pet Cemetery

Also at the Haunted Mansion you can get a tour of the Pet Cemetery if you ask a Cast Member nicely.

7. Get A Free Map At The Jungle Cruise

If you want a cool souvenir then ask a cast member for a free map. It shows the Jungle Cruise ride’s entire route and features.

8. Jump On A Manhole Cover To Hear Music

At the center of Mickey’s Toontown is a fountain with musical instruments. The same instruments are imprinted on the manhole covers near the fountain which plays the musical instrument displayed when jumped on.

9. Find The Hidden Mickey Mouse Silhouettes Around The Park

Thousands of Mickey Mouse silhouettes have been hidden around the park. See how many you can find next time you visit the park.

10. Take A Ride On The Steam train Tender

If you ask the conductor at the Main Street Station to ride in the tender car you may get your request granted. The seat maybe a little small but sure is fun riding up front and seeing the engineer driving the train.

11. Get Free Buttons From the Street Sweepers

The street sweepers do a great job of keeping the park clean and also like to spread joy to guests. Not only do they draw Disney characters with their brooms but they also give out buttons to visitors to the park.

12. Wake Up Jose

Jose is the talking parrot which stars in a show at the Enchanted Tiki Room. Normally a cast member wakes him up at the start of the show but if you ask a cast member nicely they will let you do it.

13. Ride In The Lilly Belle Train Car

The Lilly Belle is the presidential car at the tail end of the Disneyland Train and is usually reserved for VIP guests but if it is unoccupied you can have a ride in it too. If you arrive at the park early enough and ask a cast member they may just let you .

Keep in mind that the Lilly Belle car doesn’t run all day and only makes a few trips.

Article Source – Mental Floss


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