10 Signs That Will Prove That He Has Lost His Heart To You


Great philosophers have remarked that Women are hard to comprehend. But we women are as straight and sweet like a Jalebi! Decoding the inner feelings of a guy and differentiating between lust and love is an art that needs practice.

Every guy’s tale is different. In this digital age when most of the stories start on online dating platforms, the situation gets more complicated.

Do you feel a strong connection with him? His carefree attitude turns into a caring attitude with you? His small gestures are waking the sleeping butterflies in your stomach? So much room for confusion. Let us end it then and check if he is really into you.

#1. He remembers tiny, inconsequential details

You were just simply chatting over the phone, and you told him few things about you. For example, you mentioned in front of his friends that you like it when someone addresses you as Bacchha (Kid) since then he has never forgotten to address you by that name. If he is into you, then he will hold onto the things you mention. This proves that you have his full attention.

#2. You get his undivided attention

He always will have a deep eye contact with you. He forgets about his work and phone when he is with you. He is all ears when you are with him. Apart from emergencies he never takes out his phone. He just sits and adores you. You might find him staring at you very often.

#3. He often comes very near to you

While hanging out, he tries to come to you. He might want to show you something on his phone and due to this comes close to you. You can smell him literary. He might brush up against you making it look like a random act. If that makes you uncomfortable and you express it, he will never do it again until he gets a confirmation from you.

#4. He keeps suggesting plans to hang out

He likes spending time with you. He might make the silliest plan like asking you to accompany him to the pet hospital for his dog’s treatment to the professionally prepared one like asking you out for a photo shoot. He values your presence, and he is always a call in spite of the busy schedule he has. If you often meet in groups, he might ask you for solo time.

#5. He makes lame excuses to talk to you

He might call you and say that he missed your call and in reality, you did not call him or he might just call and say hello. You are on loop in his head and so does he wants to happen in yours. He shoots the first message as soon as he gets free from work.

#6. He behaves strangely







He gets anxious and nervous when he is with you. He loses his calm and swaggy attitude when he comes close to you. While talking to you, he forgets about his conversation that you two into and instead starts staring at you. Cute na?

#7. He reverts you ASAP

He might be in a profession where he has to fulfil hourly commitments. For example, if he is a journalist working for a newspaper then he has the pressure to publish the daily newspaper, or if he is a doctor, then his patients are waiting for him for their checkups. He might have turned on his message notification tone just to get notified that his crush has sent a message.

#8. He compliments you a lot

You uploaded a selfie in your night dress he will be the first one to like it and compliment you. Be it your hair, footwear, top or your lipstick he makes a mental note of everything. If he utters sweet words for you in front of his friends or strangers, then you indeed have graced his life. He wants you to know that he adores and likes you.

#9. He becomes a gentleman

In today’s time finding a true gentleman is not as easy as it seems. He tries to impress you with his gentlemanship like getting up from his chair to serve you, offering you a ride, offering to pay for you, helping you out if you mess up with your hair, etc.

#10. He becomes compassionate

Young Couple Argument

He says sorry for his little mistakes that in reality are very insignificant. Even if he jokes about something and you don’t like it, he will immediately apologise. He can read your eyes if there is something you don’t like and will find that he immediately reacts to your signs of approval and disapproval.

I don’t know if he wants to share his life with you, but if notice these things in him then dear he is definitely into you. Go! Go! Go! He needs a hug.


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