10 Mysterious Photos That Should Not Exist


From a strange sea creature that washed ashore during a storm to a ghost crawling across the carpet, we count 10 mysterious photos that should not exist.

10. Ghostly Visitor

The little girl that can be seen crying in the bottom right hand corner of this photo refused to have her picture taken with the other girls. When her mother asked her why she said ‘because the little boy is scaring me.’ Her mother didn’t think anything of it until she saw the picture. Take a look next to the legs of the girl in the striped top. You can see what appears to be the ghostly face of a small boy peering through the gap.

9. Alien Remains

Discovered in 2007, this strangely shaped skull, was reported to have been found on a small island by Danish contractors repairing old sewerage pipes. The workers allegedly claimed that they discovered it while digging up old pipes under an old butcher’s shop.

Scientists were baffled by the skull. Carbon dating determined it was around 800 years old.

After the skull’s discovery, rumors began circulating that the island was once home to a secret society of writers. The group, known as The Order of Pegasus Light was said to include William Shakespeare, H.G. Wells and Thomas Jefferson. They were allegedly sworn to protect a collection of extra-terrestrial artifacts that included a skull from an alien that visited Earth from the constellation of Pegasus.

8. Gigantic Sea Serpent

This snake-like creature was reportedly found on a secluded beach in the Philippines. Thought to have washed ashore during Typhoon Haiyan, initial estimations on the length of the beast were somewhere around 40 feet (12.2 meters). Although there is very little information available, it is possible that the creature seen in this photo might be a species of deep sea animal that is yet to be classified. What do you think? A snake-like deep sea serpent or a well-orchestrated hoax?

7. Abandoned Alien Craft

A Google Earth image of a metallic object that looks like a spacecraft trapped beneath ice.

This strange object was supposedly spotted using Google Earth. The poster claimed that the image is from an area in the South Sandwich Islands off the coast of Argentina. The photo, that looks to show a large metallic object buried beneath a layer of thick ice sheets, had the internet speculating that it could be proof of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Could this be a UFO that crash landed on Earth or is it just a clever photoshop job?

6. Li Ching-Yuen

The man shown in this photo is Li Ching-Yun, a Chinese herbalist and martial artist thought by many to be the oldest person to ever live. Li, who passed away in 1933 claimed that he was actually born in 1736, which would have made him 197 years old. There are even disputed records that list his birthday even earlier, way back in 1677. If they are true, Li would have actually been 256 when he died.

The oldest confirmed human to have ever lived was French woman, Jeanne Calment who died in 1997. Calment, who was born in 1875 lived to the ripe old age of 122 years and 164 days. If the stories of Li Ching-Yun are true, he would have outlived Calment by at least 75 years.

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